How to Get Electricity in Texas if You Have Bad Credit

When it comes to acquiring a new electric plan, some companies might require new customers to perform a credit check before starting their service. Many phone, cable, and utility services have the same approach when taking on new customers. But this can lead you down the road of hefty down payments and fees for your less than perfect credit. However, having a bad credit score shouldn’t prevent you from having access to quality electricity. We will show you how you can score reliable electricity with your credit score. 

1. Provide a Letter of Guarantee

In certain cases, a new customer can provide a Letter of Guarantee to the electricity provider. The letter should not only come from someone other than the customer but from someone who has good credit and is in decent financial standing. This is so if you can’t procure payments for your bill the amount will be covered by the person issuing the letter of guarantee. 

2. Find a Prepaid Electricity Option

Prepaid electric plans in Texas allow customers to sign up for a contract without a long-term contract, deposit, or credit check. These electric plans are much like prepaid phone plans since the customer is required to pay a small pre-payment towards their account to get their electric service up and running. Once the customer is signed up, customers will receive notifications about their daily usage and be alerted ahead when they are running low on credit. So if the customer is running low on money and their credits are about to expire, they have time and options to either add more money to keep the account up to date. These sorts of prepaid electricity plans represent a new era in the Texas energy industry, especially in the deregulated electricity markets since consumers will now be given the power to choose where their energy comes from. With these prepaid suppliers, now any individual can enjoy affordable energy in a pay-as-you-go setup. 

3. Make a Deposit

If a consumer has a low credit score, one way of guaranteeing service is by providing an initial deposit. In some situations, certain companies will even waive the deposit if you are over 65 years of age, have a letter of credit from your current electricity provider, or have proof of on-time past electricity payments. 

4. Simply Talk to a Customer Service Agent

Contacting a customer service agent can be a simple and more direct way of getting electricity without decent credit. Many Texas electricity companies are open to discussing payment arrangement options and many REPs offer assistance without conditions. Some guidelines for assistance might have the customer paying a select amount of future bills on time while making payments towards previous overdue bills. If the customer fails to make any payments, electricity is likely to be disconnected. 

With these simple suggestions, you can be on your way to electricity in no time even with a subpar credit score. What’s better is that if you choose a decent electric company, you can even be well on your way to raising your credit score, especially when flexible billing options are provided.

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