Electricity Plans With No Contract

Enroll Today With No Contracts Needed!

No Credit Check Needed AND Save up to 20% with Our Limited-Time Promo

No Credit Check

Enroll today, regardless of income or credit history.

No Deposit

Get connected with no deposit required!

Same-Day Connection

Same-day connections are available without a deposit.

Daily Usage Alerts

Receive daily balance and usage notifications via text, email, or both.

Why Choose TexStar for a No Contract Electricity Plan

We are Fast, Reliable, and Care About Our Customers! We are one of the only Texas Electricity companies who offer Same-Day Connection, Month-to-Month Plans with NO Contract, NO Deposit, and NO Credit Check! 

How To Get No Contract Electricity in Texas

Setting up electricity in your home doesn’t have to be complicated! After you sign up online or by phone with a chosen plan, you can load the funds into your account, track your usage with free daily alerts/emails, review your monthly statements and then recharge when necessary. And you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or charges when using our reliable electricity plans!


What is a no contract energy plan?

Simply put, it is a plan that allows you to pay month to month or pay as you go. There are no binding contracts and you can cancel without cancellation fees.

Do I need a contracted plan for reliable energy?

No, all of our plans offer safe and reliable electricity.

What are the benefits of having a no contract plan?

With a no contract plan you can take control of your finances and freedom at once.

Is a no contract plan right for me?

If you are a student and/or on the go often, a no contract plan might be right for you. 

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