Prepaid Electricity Plans

Get Reliable Electricity in Your Home Today with Prepaid Plans!

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No Credit Check

Enroll today, regardless of income or credit history.

No Deposit

Get connected with no deposit required!

Same-Day Connection

Same-day connections are available without a deposit.

Daily Usage Alerts

Receive daily balance and usage notifications via text, email, or both.

Why Choose TexStar for a Prepaid Electricity Plan

We are Fast, Reliable, and Care About Our Customers! We are one of the only Texas Electricity companies who offer Same-Day Connection, Month-to-Month Plans with NO Contract, NO Deposit, and NO Credit Check! 

How To Get Prepaid Electricity in Texas

Setting up electricity in your home doesn’t have to be complicated! After you sign up online or by phone, you can load the funds into your account, track your usage with free daily alerts/emails, review your monthly statements and then recharge when necessary. You don’t have to worry about hidden fees or charges when using our reliable electricity plans!


How do prepaid electricity plans work?

Prepaid electricity plans or pay-as-you-go electricity plans are as simple as they sound. When you sign up for prepaid electricity service from TexStar Energy Corp you purchase your electricity before you begin using it. You pay for the electricity you expect to use upfront and TexStar Energy Corp manages your payments and electricity delivery.

What requirements are needed to get a prepaid plan?

You are eligible for TexStar Energy Corp prepaid electricity service if you have a smart meter, which most homes have a smart meter installed. You also need the ability to receive either text or email notifications.TexStar Energy Corp will need your name, contact information, and security information you choose to allow access to your account. There is no credit check and no social security number or other personal information is needed.

What are the benefits of a prepaid electricity plan?

With a prepaid electricity plan, you are in charge of your bill and there are never any surprises. It is also a great way to save money since when you are aware of your daily usage, you are more inclined to turn the lights off when home.

Are they any contracts with prepaid plans?

Many Texans want to avoid contracts at all costs. Prepaid electricity works just like any other pay-as-you-go service. Just pay up front and then refill as needed. You can easily come and go without early termination fees.

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