Month-To-Month Electricity Plans

Get Simple Energy Plans with NO Longer-Term Commitments Today!

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No Credit Check

Enroll today, regardless of income or credit history.

No Deposit

Get connected with no deposit required!

Same-Day Connection

Same-day connections are available without a deposit.

Daily Usage Alerts

Receive daily balance and usage notifications via text, email, or both.

Why Choose TexStar for a  Month-to-Month Electricity Plan

We are Fast, Reliable, and Care About Our Customers! We are one of the only Texas Electricity companies who offer Same-Day Connection, Month-to-Month Plans with NO Contract, NO Deposit, and NO Credit Check! 

How To Get Month to Month Electricity in Texas

Whether you move around constantly or don’t want a long-term contract, setting up a month-to-month electricity plan doesn’t have to be complicated! After you sign up online or by phone, you can determine which electricity plan fits your specific needs, track your usage with free daily alerts/emails, review your monthly statements, and set up a convenient auto-pay for hassle-free service. And you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or charges when using our reliable electricity plans!


What is a month-to-month electricity plan?

If you’re looking to avoid a contract for the short term, you may want to consider a month-to-month electricity plan which is exactly what it says it is. You pay per month dispensing on how much energy you use.

What are the benefits of a month-to-month electricity plan?

Besides plans that do not require a deposit, you may be able to receive points, free power, bill credit, and more. You are also not contractually bound to any one service and are not required to share your personal details like your social security or your credit history.

Is a month-to-month electricity plan right for me?

If you move often, live with a roommate, and are unsure if you will stay at your spot, having a month-to-month plan might be right for you. On the other hand, if you have a family with children in a school system you love and have no desire to move for the next 10 years or so, you may not be interested in a month-to-month plan.

What happens if I have to cancel or move if I have a month-to-month plan?

The Public Utility Commission of Texas states that if you cancel your month-to-month plan or move to a new address, you may not incur an early termination fee. So, if you move to a new home in Houston, you will not be under any obligation to continue your current contract at the new home. We may require proof of residency change and reasonable evidence that you no longer occupy the residence specified in the contract.

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