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TexStar Energy Corp.

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TexStar Energy Corporation is an independent energy company primarily engaged in the acquisition, development, and production of oil and natural gas in Texas. TexStar Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of TexStar Holdings, Inc. (TSTH).

TexStar (formerly known as Southern Cross Resources Group, Inc.) was formed February 2007 and subsequently, merged with TexStar Energy in June of 2012 with the objective of becoming a leader in the oil and gas industry. TexStar works with geologists, petroleum engineers, consultants, financial analysts, and seasoned oil professionals who together bring extensive industry experience to each project.

TexStar’s (TSTH) primary goal is to effectively grow per-share value through reserves, production, and net income in order to increase the company’s asset base. Our sole mission is to enhance the stock value for our shareholders and provide the very best investment products in the oil and gas industry.

We at TexStar believe we have found the right structure to take advantage of this new trend while providing opportunities to our shareholders for participation.

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